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Nov 13, 2008 by Cindy Buck
Re:  Your Trip of course

OK . this place and this woman sound fantastic sounds like a great place for a lot of photo oppertunities ! Also this lady sounds like a portrait waiting to happen ! I am very much looking forward to ...  (more...)
Nov 12, 2008 by Tim Habermann
Re:  Trip update?

Hi guys,
Are you on some sort of trip or something? Amy and I went to Mora and knocked on your door for hours. I guess this explains why nobody answered! Think the "Trip Tick" is great. Anyway, I will ...  (more...)
Nov 12, 2008 by Mildred Gustafson
Re:  the details of your journal

Hello you two! Why cannot we get the recordings of your journal as you have left Minnesota, traveled to New Mexico and set up camp there?

Please inform! (Winter has hit us! Brrr!
Nov 9, 2008 by Laura Carlson
Re:  Thanks

Thanks for the Birthday wishes and the song on my voicemail! It was nice to talk to you guys....I like the happy tone in your voices these days. I enjoy reading the updates, it makes the time that you ...  (more...)
Nov 3, 2008 by Georgia Kendrick
Re:  Where is Elephant Butte?

Where is Elephant Butte? I could not find it on my road atlas? What town is it near? Ned forgot to ask you when you talked today. Hope you are having a wonderful time. It is 74 here today. I've got to ...  (more...)
Nov 2, 2008 by KathyLee Wever
Re:  looks like fun!!

Thanks for sending me your travel journal. It will be great fun reading about your adventures and looking at all the pictures! I bet you are both having a great time...this is what you have been ...  (more...)
Nov 1, 2008 by rhonda poepke
Re:  Hello travelers!!

Hello guys! Glad to hear that you have made it safely. What fun!! We hope that you have a wonderful vacation. I am so jealous that you will be in much warmer weather than me this winter! HA! Although, ...  (more...)
Nov 1, 2008 by Thelma Olds
Re:  Your trip South

Hi again, I always do things backward. After sending you a message, I found I could plug into yours. Thanks so much for your time to journal for us. It is very interesting.

God Bless, Thel
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