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Oct 17, 2009 by Linda/Newell Zeller
Re:  Address

Thanks for the address.....appreciate it!! Wishing you guys safe travels. Am really sorry there was some misunderstanding about your deposit....but I'm sure if you change your mind and want to come ...  (more...)
Oct 17, 2009 by Cindy Buck
Re:  your trip

Have a great time and stay safe ! I am currently on the east coast We will see you in the spring until then I will look forward to your updates .. See you then Cindy
Oct 14, 2009 by Marilyn & Dennis Delo
Re:  Journal

Awesome! You did a great !
Oct 10, 2009 by Mildred Gustafson
Re:  our trip to Gulf of Mexico

Looks to me like you meant 10-9 instead of 9-10! Chalk it up to excitement of leaving "snowy Minnesota" before we have Indian Summer!
Oct 10, 2009 by KathyLee Wever
Re:  happy travels

Tobe and Sue,
I pray your travels are exciting and safe. I think it is great that God has given you the opportunity to enjoy the fruit of you labor. Sit by the Gulf for me. You can think of me when I ...  (more...)
Oct 9, 2009 by Linda and Newell Zeller
Re:  Heading South

Hey.........where's the summer pics of the Land of 10,000 Lakes and/or family pics? (HA). Doesn't it feel good to be back on the Travel Journal? For sure, keep the updates coming and stay in touch!! ...  (more...)
Mar 15, 2009 by KathyLee and Mark Wever
Re:  belated b-day wishes!

Hey there Toby, you look like you are having such a great time! We are so happy for you and Sue to be doing what you have wanted to for so many years! Happy belated birthday. Mark is gone doing Navy ...  (more...)
Mar 13, 2009 by Thelma Olds
Re:  Birthday

Hello Toby and Sue,

I did not know you had a birthday, Toby, SoI am sending BELATED BIRTHDAY WISHES. Was it a special one, like a milestone which we seem to have every now and then?

I love this trip ...  (more...)
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