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Aug 16, 2005 by Duncan Manley
Re:  Wales

August 16, 2005
Dearest Ness, Gordon, Gulliver and Kingsley,

I haven't written to you much whilst you have been away but have been following closely all your reports. Experience has clearly featured ...  (more...)
Aug 15, 2005 by Jane Hinton
Re:  Tree Fish

Ness - it occurs to me that henceforth games of Tree Fish in Birmingham will actually contain the category Fish......and that non scuba-divers from Beckenham will be at a huge disadvantage in not ...  (more...)
Aug 12, 2005 by Nettie Bates
Re:  things

Have told Neil when you are coming home - he will be in london that weekend but will email you re further living arrangements etc. He said he was going to spend the whole of the friday before cleaning ...  (more...)
Aug 11, 2005 by megan brady
Re:  fantastic website

I've just cottoned onto the website- its brilliant and i've thoroughly enjoyed the tales of your trip am also green with envy!! We're off on holiday next week but ti the slightly less glanorous ...  (more...)
Aug 7, 2005 by Gavin Shields
Re:  Hi again

Hi Guys
Sorry have been out of touch,but we have been away.Had a great holiday in Provence-good timing as I felt I needed a break.Went with Hels' parents & brother & family - everyone managed to get ...  (more...)
Aug 5, 2005 by SUE SMITH

Hi all of you
I can't imagine anything worse than the diving described in your recent log entry - I just know I'd die - what is wrong with you people!! Sorry to talk about your return but you know how ...  (more...)
Aug 4, 2005 by Greg Bodycote
Re:  Vying for space on the Guestbook

Me me me me me me me me me me me................!

Butt out Manlkey (or is it Mankley?); don't think you can get more entries by going undercover. That misspell (your entry of 1st Aug) hasn't fooled ...  (more...)
Aug 4, 2005 by Kathryn Bates
Re:  your trip

How do I get published on your noticeboard? I love and miss you all- Mummy Bates
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