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Apr 30, 2009 by Louisa Ponnampalam
Re:  Dugong sighting at Kukup?

Dear Ron and Cynthia,

Hi! My name is Louisa and I'm a marine mammal researcher at University Malaya in KL. I'm currently doing some research on dugongs around the Johor Straits, particularly around ...  (more...)
Jan 30, 2009 by Laurel Collin
Re:  Attempting to keep in touch

Cleaned up yesterday and found your website yah!! as had not been able to get in touch by phone. Your journal is delightful reading and wish I could join you.
Not much has changed here but all ...  (more...)
Dec 25, 2008 by Paul Newton
Re:  buried treasure

G'day sea creatures,

just want to drop aline and wish you a merry x-mas. Hope all is going well. I scored another chrissy and new year in the middle of no where while all your sisters drink all my ...  (more...)
Oct 31, 2008 by Maxine Hambley
Re:  G'day

Hello Cynthia Ron,
Hope all is going well, hope you have a good Christmas.
All the best
Sep 25, 2008 by Will n Trish Duiker n Bate
Re:  Where the hell are yas

Well guys, long time no hear from ya. So whats happening?
Are you still touring around north of Bali with family or starting to make moves to Singers. Obviously the internet in Indo isnt allowing you ...  (more...)
Jul 23, 2008 by Fiona Thyne
Re:  Bali

Safe sailing - see you in Bali!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 23, 2008 by Jono,Lorraine & Euan du Boulay
Re:  Have a safe trip

Dear Cynth & Ron,
Great Trip Journal.Very interesting. You must be excited. Hope all is well & set to go. Take care. Love Us.xx
Jul 21, 2008 by Maxine Butcher
Re:  trip

Hi Cynth, Happy Belated B'day. Thanks for the trip update. Are you taking your dog? My sister (Kerry) said you may not be able to bring it back home if you take it off the boat overseas. Did you ...  (more...)
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