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i doubt many people have covered the rt66 road from chicago to LA as we have...we drove from san diego, ca., to chicago to start the trip, this journal covers only the trip from chicago to LA, go here to see just rt66 trips journal...


we photographed as much as we could find and then some...
without the bible from jerry mcclanahan, we'd been still looking for the road...AND thank god there is now an official ending and someone to have a great end-of-the-trip talk with, dan rice and jessica, if she's there. if you do route 66 you MUST get a made-in-usa t-shirt from dan and get him to sign it...dan has a rt66 booth on santa monica pier... he is there to meet all rt66 travelers, so look for him and his rt66 booth!

our trip on route 66 was several things at once - good, bad, awful, scary, hot, cold, snow, wind, rain, ice and LOST!

here are a few of our stats:

we drove from chicago to santa monica, ca.,
on route 66 = 5033 miles
we used approx 260 gals of gas.

on route 66 for 38+ days
stayed 38 over nights

our hi temp was in the hi 60s
our low temp was 14 in flagstaff
had 4" snow in holbrook, az
saw about 85 trains along our route

visited 20 major small towns in illinois
visited 7 major small towns in missouri
visited 3 major small towns in kanasa
visited 17 major small towns in oklahoma
visited 13 major small towns in texas
visited 9 major small towns in new mexico
visited 18 major small towns in the santa fe, nm loop

before rt66 we went country dancing in tombstone, visited roswell the town of aliens, went into palo duro canyon st park, TX., up into the arch in st louis, did the use to be sears tower on their 103 floors glass ledge... we into LA, visited catilina island by boat, went country dancing in bakersfield, ca., at buck owen's crystal palace... finally we went home...

visited 11 major small towns in arizona
we didn't forget winona, arizona either...
visited 7 major small towns in california
as well as 100s of very small or dead/ghost towns
in each of the above states

our total trip from san diego to chicago = 2736mi
we used approx 144 gals gas
total trip milage was 7821mi
we used approx 410 gals for the entire trip...

was gone a total of 61 days
had 61 overnights

took 7061 photo on rt66
took 1644 before/after rt66
took 8705 photo all together
(did you see them all???)
everyone of them???
we captioned the photos that
we know, the rest you'll have
to just go figure...

we got lost XXXX times...
we fought XXXX times...
we made up XXXX times...
only to fight again....

with all the trips we've made
since the 1970s, this was
the worst and best trip ever for us...

ron & bebe

ps) route 66 was born in 1926 pieced together from old dirt roads (dirt 66 or mother road) and trails that were unnamed. in the late 20/30s the dirt roads gave way to paved done by 1938. in 1946 the road gained national attention from the bobby troup song "get your kicks on route 66" (made popular by singer nat king cole) also inhancing the roads popularity, the tv series of the 60s, "route 66". in the 50s interstates began taking over, 1984 saw the last bypass in williams, az... killing and stranding the small towns with cruel bypasses that use to serve the road. in 1985, route 66 was decertified, no longer an official US hiway.

Order: oldest at top ( reverse )

day 37, 23rd on rt66 camp
Oct 23/09
Albuquerque, NM
day 38, 24th on rt66
day 39, 25th on rt66
Oct 25/09
Gallup, NM
day 40, 26th on rt66
day 41, 27th on rt66
day 42, 28th on rt66
Oct 28/09
Flagstaff, AZ
Oct 28/09
Don't forget Winona, AZ
day 43, 29th on rt66
day 44, 30th on rt66
Oct 30/09
Kingman, AZ
day 45, 31th on rt66
day 46, 32nd on rt66
Nov 1/09
Barstow, CA
day 47, 33rd on rt66
day 48, 34th on rt66
day 49, 35th on rt66
Nov 4/09
San Bernardino, CA
day 50, 36th on rt66
day 51, 37th on rt66
day 52, 38th on rt66 the...
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