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Welcome to our travel website! We hope our family and friends enjoy keeping up with our travels as much as we enjoy the trips and writing about them.
I read an article on entitled Road Trip Wisdom that captured my reason for following the traveling lifestyle we started in 2008. Life is too short to delay your dreams. Retirement is not guaranteed, although both Sue and I made it. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, only today is, so you better make today everything you want it to be and take to the road and experience your dream journeys--now. Life is too short to wait. With that we will continue on the road as long as we can before we have to hang up the keys for good. Stay tuned for more travels with Vince & Sue.

 Map:  Southern Canada & Continental USA (detailed) 
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Traveling in Delaware, United States

 Trip Journals 
2020 Christmas & New Year Holiday
2020 Thanksgiving
2020 Covid Cruise
2020 Time to Replace the Windows
2019 Holidays
2019 Anniversary Tour
2019 Ringo
2019 Independence Day
2019 Family Meetup
2019 Delmarva Shakedown
2018 Happy Holidays
2018 Around the Shoreline of the Great Lakes
2018 Time for a Work Trip
2017 Home for the Holidays
2017 Autumn Outing
2017 Western Spring Fling
2016 - 2017 Holidays
2016 Halloween
2016 Summer Retreat - Evading the heat?
2016 Winter Trek
2015 Christmas
2015 Tennessee the Long Way
2015 Texas Trek
2015 Southern Sojourn
2014 Christmas
2014 Cross Country 2
2014 Great Circle Tour
2014 Into the Great White North (Almost)
2014 First Trip - Fleeing the Freeze
2013 Christmas
2013 Shane's & Jess's Wedding
2013 Fall Escapade
2013 Wild Western Tour
2013 Flight to Florida
2012 Christmas
2012 Wrong way in the Winter
2012 Time to Work, Time to Play, & Time to Serve
2012 Kyle & Annie's Wedding
2012 Winnie visits the Monster Mile
2012 A soldier died today
2012 Short Trip North
2012 It's a New Year!
2011 Christmas
2011 Triangle Tour
2011 Hurricane Irene
2011 Presidents, Patriots, & Caverns
2011 Memorial Day
2011 Easter Vacation
2011 Great Escape (from the cold & snow)
2010 Christmas at Home
2010 Halloween
2010 Fall Trip South
2010 Restoring Honor
2010 Tour of New England and the Maritimes
2010 Winter Classic
2010 Vince's Winter Tour
2009 Christmas
2009 Swing South
2009 Vince & Sue's Excellent Adventure

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