Kapoors Year 12B: Mexico and Colombia travel blog

Kapoors Year 12B: Mexico and Colombia

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Year 12B: Mexico and Colombia travel blog
January - March 2018

The focus of this trip was intended to be Colombia, a South American country we had long wanted to visit, but we were concerned about the lack of safety during the long years of unrest with the FARC rebels. Now that a peace treaty has been signed after nearly 50 years of conflict, we put aside our former fears.

The previous summer we had booked a flight home from Bogota for March 19, 2018, using accumulated travel points with Aeroplan. We thought we would like to spend a month in Colombia, but weren’t at all sure how we wanted to make our way there.

We eventually decided that we’d had enough of the rainy winter weather on Vancouver Island, and made a plan to go to Mexico in late January. We’d spend a month exploring the central highlands before continuing on to Colombia. We were keen to visit a friend in Guadalajara; a lovely Mexican woman from whom we’d purchased our condo in 2015.

She gave us a huge surprise by insisting that we use her car to roam around the ‘Silver Cities’ of Zacatecas, San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato as well as Querétaro and Morelia. We had intended to travel from place to place by public bus; her offer made our journey so incredibly quick and comfortable. We were able to meet her extended family both before and after our two-week sojourn, adding tremendously to our understanding and appreciation of Mexico and Mexican family life.

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Adios Victoria
Vancouver (In Transit)
Mexico City
San Luis Potosi
San Miguel de Allende
Danze Azteca
Mexico City (In Transit)
Panamá City (In Transit)
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