Kapoors Year 7: Europe/Ecuador/Peru travel blog

Kapoors Year 7: Europe/Ecuador/Peru

September 2012 - May 2013

We had a fabulous Canadian Christmas after enjoying the first part of our Year Seven adventures. My sister Donna joined us in Sweden, and travelled with us for a month, before returning to her family responsibilities at the end of October.

We visited Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland before taking a ferry across the Baltic to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. From there we moved south to Poland and wandered through the capitals of Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia for the rest of the late fall. We flew out of Munich, Germany on December 1st.

After missing seven Christmases in a row, we felt it was time to join in the festivities in Canada once again. Once we recovered from a rollicking holiday season with family and friends, we left the snow behind and drove to Phoenix, Arizona to warm our frozen fingers and toes. We enjoyed a few rounds of golf near my aunt's new home at the mountain edge of Mesa.

Next up was a wonderful three weeks in Mexico, before we flew on to Central and South America to visit Panama, Ecuador, Peru, and Costa Rica. They say seven is a lucky number, things couldn't have gone better!

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NOTE You can click on the links below the Home Page Map for a detailed regional map of the countries we visited. This will give you a better view of our route and the cities we toured.

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Manic Monday
Easter Weekend In Quito
The Good Friday...
Middle Earth
Lima, Peru (In Transit)
Aguas Calientes
Machu Picchu
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