Kapoors Year 9A: Paris/Sicily/Myanmar/Nepal travel blog

Kapoors Year 9A: Paris/Sicily/Myanmar/Nepal

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One might think that we had aborted our Retirement Travel Plan after the first half of Year Eight, however, though we did spend the period from Dec 15, 2013 to September 15, 2014 in Canada, we were always on the move. We even managed to spend two weeks in Kauai, Hawaii with our daughter and son-in-law as tour guides.

Our first grandchild arrived our our daughter's birthday, Feb 9th and looking back, we found we made trips to Calgary to see her, almost every month from January 2014 onwards. What a thrill to welcome wee Olivia to our family. She has started a new branch on the family tree.

However, our desire to see more of world found us itching to start Year Nine (Part A). We flew to Paris on Sept 15th and plan to be back to see what Santa brings Olivia on her very first Christmas morning.

AND - We're already booked to set off Feb 2, 2105; this time 'Down Under' to fill in a major gap on our travel map - Australia and New Zealand wait to be explored during Year Nine (Part B).

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NOTE You can click on the links below the Home Page Map for a detailed regional map of the countries we visited. This will give you a better view of our route and the cities we toured.
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70 Not Out!
Bhai Dooj
Kathmandu, Nepal
Bodhnath Temple
Kathmandu Walking Tour
Patan's Durbar Square
XXX Rated Temples
Kathmandu's Durbar Square
Bangkok (In Transit)
Beijing (In Transit)
Vancouver (In Transit)
Merry Christmas, Victoria!
Nepal Earthquake April...
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