Kapoor Year 14A: Croatia And The Balkans travel blog

Kapoor Year 14A: Croatia And The Balkans

Kapoors Year 14A: Croatia And The Balkans travel blog
Sept 2019 – Nov 2019

We first started looking at visiting Croatia when we were in northern Italy in October 2009. Wow! I can’t believe that was ten years ago – where has the time gone?

Since, then, Croatia has been on our radar again and again, but the time just never seemed right. One year it was extensive flooding due to heavy rains in the spring, and other years the migrant crisis caused by the outbreak of war in Syria kept us away.

When it was time to set off, the weather along the Adriatic Coast looked fine, not too hot and not too cold, and the forecast was favourable. We planned a stop in Los Angeles to celebrate our nephew’s birthday on Sept 27th and then we flew from there to Dubrovnik, via Zurich and Zagreb.

Our plan was to visit Dubrovnik first, taking a week there to get over the jet-lag and to visit the walled city during the mornings or evenings when the crowds from the cruise ships are at a minimum. Then we thought we would take a local bus for the short journey to neighbouring Montenegro and stay in a small community on the Bay of Kotor. From there we would move inland to the capital for a look-see and then travel to Bosnia and Hercegovina and spend a week in Sarajevo taking in all the history there.

The ancient bridge in Mostar was very much on my bucket list after I learned about what efforts had been made to reconstruct it after it was shelled during the 1990s civil war. For the last two weeks, we would return to Croatia to hire a car and travel northwards along the coast and finish up in Zagreb.

All went well until our last morning in Sarajevo when we received word of the unexpected death of a family member in Delhi. We changed our plans and headed to Delhi after a few days in Split. As sad as it was, we were closer than we would have been had we been at home, and we were able to participate in the final Hindu rites for our beloved sister-in-law.

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Mostar's Old Bridge
Early Morning Mostar
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Split, Croatia
Diocletian's Palace
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Overnight In Zagreb
Dubai (In Transit)
Delhi With Family
Mumbai With Family
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Vancouver (In Transit)
I ♥ Victoria!
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