Kapoor Year 14B: India And COVID-19 travel blog

Kapoor Year 14B: India And COVID-19

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Kapoors Year 14B: India and Nepal travel blog
Feb 2020 – March 2020

When we began planning a trip to India in February 2020, it had been five years since we last visited with our extended family in Delhi, Patna, Nagpur and Mumbai. We’d been to India so many times in the 45 years since our wedding in 1974 that we had lost count. However, it didn’t mean that Anil had not seen his three siblings for that long a period, because our son Raj surprised us all by bringing them to Canada (along with their spouses) to help us celebrate Anil’s 70th birthday in September 2017.

Now we had a chance to mark another important milestone in the Kapoor family saga. Anil’s older brother Arun, and his wife Neena were reaching their 50th wedding anniversary and the time was right for many of us to gather together once again.

We took the opportunity to extend an invitation to my sister Donna and her husband Duncan to make their first trip to India now that Duncan had retired and they were following in our footsteps and travelling the world. We plan to show them many of the highlights of Northern India and will squeeze in a trip to Gujarat, a state we’ve seen little of before.

The plan was to spend two weeks in Nepal with Donna and Duncan before they fly home and we head to a warm spot along the Mediterranean to spend the month of April. HOWEVER, we decided to return home early and flew out of Delhi on March 12th and arrived back in Victoria, Canada the same day.

We put ourselves in voluntary quarantine for two weeks, and this will end on April 2nd. After that we'll follow whatever directions we are given to maintain our health and safety. We trust you will do so as well. These are scary times, we wish you health, happiness and good cheer.

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NOTE You can click on the links below the Home Page Map for a detailed regional maps. This will give you a better view of our route and the cities we toured.

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