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At Home Coping With The Pandemic

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March 2020 - Victoria, BC

II thought I would take a some time to write down a little about the events that led up to the two of us being in India in early February 2020, and then those that caused us to make the decision to abandon our plans to travel in India, Nepal and Europe until the end of April.

Once we were home, and were forced into isolation because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we chose to consider ourselves lucky – we had our health, a comfortable home to live in, and our personal finances that would allow us to be free from the worry about how we would pay for the necessities of life.

Our daughter and son in law live nearby and are able to shop for our groceries and incidentals, so our only reason to leave the sanctuary of our condo is for fresh air and exercise. For a period of nine years, we roamed the world, only returning to Canada during the months of June, July and August to visit family and friends. We became accustomed to relying on each other for company, and to enjoy reading to fill the quiet times when we were alone in hotels and apartment accommodations while travelling.

For those reasons, we are not finding it at all difficult to be confined to our home during the period that the health authorities are requesting people to – Stay Home – Stay Safe. We are in the most vulnerable age group, so all the more reason to stay indoors.

I chose to see this isolation as just what I needed, to go back and finish all the personal storytelling that I have neglected to write after the mid-point of Year Six of my travel journals. If we are able to travel this fall, we would be starting Year Fifteen. Where has the time gone? I tell myself, that all I have to do is look back at the thousands of photos that I have so carefully edited, labelled, sorted and stored to remind myself just how much living we’ve managed squeeze in during that time.

It’s a Herculean task I’ve set for myself, but I will be so very happy and satisfied when it’s done. I can then get back to reading novels, something I’ve enjoyed immensely during my relatively long life. As for travels, well, if something should happen to prevent us from seeing yet more of the world, we cannot be disappointed. We’ve seen more than most people could in several lifetimes. Let’s just hope that this COVID-19 virus is eventually conquered, not only for us, but for all the people in this vibrant world.

In the meantime, I'm posting some photos of key events that have taken place since the lock-down - and some funny cartoons that have been published in our local paper.

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