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Living Our Retirement Dream

We retired in August 2006 with a 'Five Year Plan'. It seems it's morphed into a 'Ten Year Plan' or a 'Rest Of Our Lives Plan'. You might think that we've 'seen it all' by now, but we still think of that next destination, just over the hill...

After nine years of travelling for nine months and spending the remaining three months in Canada, we changed our travelling strategy. The arrival of two delightful grandchildren prompted us to settle down in a condo on the edge of Victoria, BC's beautiful downtown core. We enjoy walking our granddog George on weekday mornings, practicing yoga and exploring Vancouver Island.

Our plan is to travel for several weeks each spring and again each autumn, returning to our home in order to spend time with our daughter, son and their families on a more regular basis.

Vicki Lalonde Kapoor
Anil Kapoor

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The map below is a composite of all the places we've visited since we retired in 2006.

 Map:  World-Europe (clone) 
Map World-Europe (clone)
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Traveling in British Columbia, Canada
At Home Coping With The Pandemic 

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At Home Coping With The Pandemic
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