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Pilgrims are persons in motion - passing through territories not their own - seeking something we might call completion, or perhaps the word clarity will do as well, a goal to which only the spirt's compass points the way.

Richard R. Niebuhr's description

Kandie is off on another adventure. This time to South East Asia, India and France. My twisted sister, GAil, will be joining me in Delhi India on the First of Feb. My first stop is Hong Kong, where I will be for 5 days. Celebrating the new year. Then onto Bangkok Thiland, where I join a group from Intrepid Travel. For the next month (jan) we treck through Thiland, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Using all modes of transportation, air, train, boat, tuk tuk, bus and of course our feet. We finish in Bangkok and then I fly to Delhi India where GAil will be waiting for me. For the next 28 days we will tour Rajasthan, India. We meet up with another group from Intrepid Travel. At the end of our j ourney we have two glorious weeks in France. Enjoy our travels via the journal.

Write us at kandiewag@msn.com

Look forward to hearing from all of you.

LOve Kandie and GAil

I hope that you will join us on our journey. I will try to update often.

If you wish to send an e-mail: kandiewag@msn.com

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