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Welcome to my trip journal!
After almost 40 years of wanting to drive across the country , we may be doing it!
May, as we might be heading across the States as that route seems quicker. Our goal is to deliver Curtis' car which is full of his mattress ( hopefully the memory foam remembers to lay flat after being rolled up for almost 5000 k.)and misc. items.
Our plan is to reach Ottawa around Thursday , then on Saturday drive with Curtis to Toronto to visit with Kevin and Kendal before flying home on Sunday night. That will give us a week before our Europe trip. Thank goodness for Mom and Dad and Curt and Ralda who are looking after Abby for us as we travel about.
So the first day we are starting off in grand style. We are tourists in Nansimo enjoying walking around the inner harbour, dining at the waterfront and now resting up before attending The Beach Boys. It was pointed out to us that they are really men, actually really old men, but we are still looking forward to experiencing one of John's forever young favourites.

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