The Purvis Adventures ~ 2013 travel blog

The Purvis Adventures ~ 2013

Jack and Sally travel blog
Welcome to our 2013 trip journal as we begin 9th year full-time RVing. Our journey has been full of adventures and many changes, which is all part of life, but we are still enjoying the decision to be full-time RVing and hope to for another ten years.

At this moment, plans are being made for the year ahead. We don't have to return to Mayo Clinic (in Rochester, MN) until Dec 2013, so we are going to take advantage of this and workamp somewhere we have not been before, which as it turns out will be near Randle, WA from mid-May to mid-Sept.

We traveled from Coffeyville, KS to Quartzsite, AZ by Jan 19, 2013 for the annual RV Show.
Feb 17 in Buckeye AZ for two months
April 18 in Santa Clarita, CA for 6 days to see the kids
April 26 in Antioch, CA for a few days to see Jack's brother David, Jane and Jessica
Early May in Monroe, OR for a few days to see Elsie (Jack's 2nd mom)
On to Randle, WA to start working until late Sept

Update: Oct 18 - We have been accepted to work in Redding, CA from approx. Nov 15 to April 15. ~ Jack and Sally ~

Live like there is no tomorrow, Sing as if no one can hear, Love like you have never been hurt, Dance as if no one is watching, Laugh like no one is listening

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Time to hit the road again
Arrived in Santa Clarita, CA
On the road to Antioch, CA
Arrived safely in Antioch
Heading up north
Yreka, CA to Eugene, OR
Visiting Elsie
Change of plans for arriving in Randle
One month has passed by already!
The North Fork Loop Trail
Visiting with some friends
Walupt Lake
A nice drive through Mt Rainier
Mt Rainier Chinook Scenic Hwy
The end of our season at North Fork CG
Pendleton, Oregon
Arrived in Nampa, ID
End of the visit
Heading out
Arrived in North Las Vegas
Arrived in Lancaster
Arrived in Santa Clarita, CA
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