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Ohhh The Places I'll Go

Welcome to my trip journal!

Ok, so I know I am susceptible to ’wanderlust’ (all due to my extra travel gene ie. DRD4-7R (as discussed in previous journals)), however, I’m not so much addicted to movement, as I am committed to transformation.

Travel tends to reinvigorate my creative imagination and my travel memories help to define my personality.

Iran might just be the trip required to further inspire me, if not to transform me, then at least pique my curiosity.

As Iran is neither East nor West, it sounds like a complex and spectacular part of the world, as well as somewhat challenging.
Land of the Arayans, or Persia, has one of the oldest continuous civilisations dating back to 530 BC, WOW! And boasts a 93% literacy rate (already appeals to me).

The Iranian people are the major attraction (as people are always my focus when travelling) and as 99% of Iranians are Muslim, what a great opportunity to understand and learn a bit more about this religion.

I am looking forward to visiting the grand mosques, some of the 22 UNESCO World Heritage sights, experiencing the ruins of the ancient city of Persepolis, participating in a homestay as well as a night in a Caravanserai in the desert, an overnight train trip, popping into Yazd which was one of Marco Polo’s ‘hangouts’ during the days of the Silk Road era and will probably be a highlight, tantalizing food, smoky bazaars and so much more.

Hang on, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself, I haven’t even been there
yet ……

Further expectations in regard to Iran are:

• Cuddle a Persian Cat (they originated in Iran)
• Maybe a ‘Nose Job’ (known as the nose capital of the World and Heaven knows I could do with one)
• Luxuriate on a Persian Rug (unfortunately, sans cold beer)
• Detoxify – no alcohol (ugh! how will I cope, I'm already experiencing withdrawal symptoms)
• Dine on caviar, pistachios and fragrant saffron, all with my left hand tied behind my back (or lose a lot of weight as it is Ramadan for the entire 3 weeks we are in Iran)
• Polygamy is legal, in romantic Shiraz I might finally find myself a young, soccer playing (for Evan) handsome dark haired Iranian husband sporting an impressive moustache
• Improving my leg muscles and balance techniques via the numerous anticipated squat toilets

I am expecting one of my biggest challenges to be ‘Wardrobe Malfunctions’ as I never coped with the many slipper configurations whilst in Japan (I always seemed to wear the bathroom slippers to the dining room (and vice versa), constantly lost the various obligatory pairs of slippers during changeovers), so how am I ever going to manage a hijab 24/7?

I did mention this trip has a few challenges, so bring them on as I'm ready.

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