Global Alternative Healthcare Project - Bali, Indonesia December 2007 travel blog

Global Alternative Healthcare Project - Bali, Indonesia December 2007

Dan Wunderlich travel blog
Hi. My name is Dan Wunderlich. Welcome to my trip journal!

I am a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) integrating modalities such as contemporary acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and TuiNa (a form of corrective soft tissue therapy) to treat orthopedic disorders (aches, pains, muscle/bone dysfunctions) and internal medicine imbalances.

During the Christmas Season of Giving in December 2007, I received a tremendous gift in the form of an opportunity to be part of the Global Alternative Healthcare Project team of volunteers piloting an aid relief effort whereby healthcare practitioners can provide complementary and alternative medicine treatments to those in need in overseas rural and remote locations.

Our first project is reaching individuals and families with limited access to healthcare in Bali, Indonesia.

What follows is my journal from that trip. (See My Travel Homepage for my contact information.)

For more information about GAHP, please visit the GAHP website. To view my latest December 2008 travel blog, visit my current 2008 travel blog.

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