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If we have learned anything in the previous five years of this lifestyle it is that fulltiming plans and itineraries are made of JELLO and can be dissolved on a moment’s notice and new ones made just as quickly. This liquidity of plans has not proven to be a bad thing in our travels but rather a good travel mind set.

Many a time this liquid state of plans has led us to discover bigger and better things than our original plans would have allowed. So with this in mind we have not formulated any extensive “made-in-stone” travel plans for 2013 as was our mind set in prior years.

However this change of mind set in no way means that this the 6th year of our retirement and living the RV lifestyle will hold any less discoveries or excitement than the previous five years have. It only means that our plans may not find a congealed state until the final moment. But hey this only makes life more exciting!

This “vagabond” lifestyle called fulltime RVing would not be the amazing experience that it is without this journal. It gives us the ability to share our travels and experiences with family, friends and loyal readers not to mention a wonderful reference when our memories have those “senior moments” trying to remember places and times from our past travels.

Just a reminder if you want to review any of our travels from prior years you can use the drop down box in the upper right corner of the journal homepage to select a year to review. If you are a new reader and have just found our journal you can learn more about us by reading our “My Travel Homepage”. Once at the Homepage select personal profile on the left for a bit of history on Rudy & me.

Either way an “old or new” journal reader, we welcome you to a new year of adventure and discovery following our travels in 2013.

Rudy & Linda

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