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We Begin Year #5…………………………

It hardly seems real that we are beginning our fifth year of fulltiming. As we look back it seems only a short time ago that we made the decision to sell our “stick and brick” home and move into our HitchHiker Discover America beginning a new lifestyle of traveling the highways and byways of this great nation.

As we end 2011 and begin 2012 we have explored and made discoveries in 26 states since beginning our fulltiming adventurous lifestyle. We have towed our home a little over 25,000 miles since starting our adventure and have surpassed a milestone of putting just over 100,000 miles on the odometers of our vehicles during this lifestyle adventure that began 3 years, 9 months and 26 days ago on March 6, 2008!

You can bet we will add new states to our number visited during 2012 as well as find some interesting places to explore in these new state additions. Also am sure that we will again visit states already on our “travel map” in search of new discoveries lying between their borders. When all is said and done we hope that 2012 will open as many new doors to exciting places as our previous four years of travel have and that you will be right there to enjoy these finds with us throughout this year.

We are happy to once again have all of you join us on our travels this year. We would suggest that you once again reach up and pull those seatbelts tight as we begin our 2012 adventures.......ENJOY!!!!

Rudy & Linda

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