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Home Sweet RV - 2011

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WELCOME to our Home Sweet RV Travel Journal!

It is 2011 and we are beginning our 4th year of living the fulltime dream! Boy how time flies when you are enjoying life as much as we are. It is our hope that our travels and discoveries in 2011 will keep you following our journal. Adding several new states to our discoveries during this year is at the top of our travel itinerary.

If you are a new reader to our journal take some time to go back to our earlier journals for some great places and things we have seen during our prior three years of travel. Each post has some wonderful photos attached……just click on the journal year of your choice and then choose a title that sounds interesting and enjoy our thoughts about what we saw, did or maybe didn’t do! Even readers who have been following us can go back and revisit places you enjoyed by using these earlier year journals……the now smaller journal sizes will make it easier to find old posts that got lost in the one large previous journal.

Also, for new readers to get to know us better,check out "My Travel Homepage"...you can do this by clicking on it to the right of this page. Readers who have followed us, might like to see this new addition to the journal.

But don’t “4” get to leave us your thoughts and ideas along the way by using the “Leave a Message” feature. We so enjoy your comments, concerns and questions.

Hang On and Buckle Up as we continue to crisscross this great country of ours……..Glad to have you along!

Rudy & Linda

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