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Henry and Beth's Travels

Welcome to our travel website! The green lines on the map show the routes we have followed since 2006. We made all of these trips except for Hawaii in our RV. So far we have camped in 40 states!

We have a separate journal for each trip. Click a link under Trip Journals on the right to view one of the journals.

We hope you will take a moment to sign our guest book. Just click "Leave a Message" on the right. Enjoy!

 Map:  North America 
Map North America
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Traveling in Georgia, United States
2011 Looking for a warm winter 

 Trip Journals 
2011 Looking for a warm winter
2011 Celebration Journey
2011 January in Florida
2010 On the road to Minnesota
2009 Wandering Florida Again
2009 On the Road to Stillwater, OK
2009 Florida Winter
2008 Georgia Bulldogs Football Roadtrip
2008 Going North
2008 Hawaii
2008 Okefenokee Swamp and Tampa
2008 Topsail Hill
2007 Tampa
2007 Great Smoky Mountains
2007 South Carolina Upcountry Trip
2007 Pacific Coast Trip
2006 Titanium Travels

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