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Dott's & Theresa's Great Britain Adventure

Dotti's and Theresa's GB Adventure travel blog
This trip is a double bonus for us. First off we get to be a part of our dear friend Curtis' marriage to the love of his life Rob in Windsor. After the wedding we are off on a whirlwind tour of England and Scotland to celebrate our 15th Anniversary. We'll be exploring lesser known stone circles (Spoiler Alert: We are NOT going to Stonehenge), hiking along Hadrian's Wall, hopefully star gazing at the night sky park in the Galloway Forrest, tromping through the ancestral lands of Clan Buchanan....come see where we go and what we discover.

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Almost Time!
Sleep? Who needs sleep?
Curtis' and Rob's Big Day
Independence The UK
Along The Roman Frontier
Independence Day #2!
The Long Walk
The Never Ending Drive
Culloden and They Day Autie Audi Lost Her Mind
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