Lully, Lyon, Le Lot, L’Atlantique and lots more... travel blog

Lully, Lyon, Le Lot, L’Atlantique and lots more...

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It’s the 2019 bicycle adventure and it’s just Tom and me this time. Big plans. Switzerland, France and Spain. Then back into France. But we don’t have a strict schedule like last year and we may just stay longer in places we like and therefore not make the full distance. But who cares! This year we are cycling without lan end goal...except to have fun.
So,the big picture is viaRhona to Lyon, then the Lot valley Cahors to Clairac. Next the canal to Bordeaux, along the Atlantic coast to the Pyrenees, over the top and on to Pamplona via Euroveli 1. Down to Barcelona. Then following Eurovelo 8, back along the Mediterranean into France and we stay on that route until we run out of time. Quick train back to Switzerland and fly home.

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Day 1 Lully,...
Day 2 Vulbens to Chanaz
Day 3 Chanaz to Le Port...
Day 4 Groslée to Villebois
Day 5 Villebois to Lyon
Days 6 and 7 in Lyon
Day 8 Transfer to Cahors
Day 9 Cahors to Prayssac
Day 10 Prayssac to...
Day 11 Villeneuve to...
Day 12 Tonneins to Fontet
Day 13 Fontet to Bordeaux
Several days in Bordeaux
Day 16 Bordeaux to La...
Day 17 La Teste de Buch...
Day 18 Sainte...
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