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Hello People,

Welcome to my travel diaries.

Why travel diaries you ask?

Well, for one thing, China doesn't allow a lot of the sites through which you will know I am still alive but also because, I hope, by the time I am 50 you can replace the atlas with my travel diary and it wouldn't make a difference. Why travel so much? Because I fear monotony. The idea of a 9-5 life, living only for weekends and the two weeks break at Christmas time and *BOOM* before you know it you are 45 and buying a Ferrari because you need to feel alive. Yeah, I will never have enough money to buy a Ferrari and I would not last till my 26th birthday doing that mundane, boring, dull paper pushing shit. I've been responsible for the first half of my twenties - now I am going to, what many people would call be irresponsible, and live.

And go on an adventure, see the world, meet new people, learn different languages, work in different communities, fall in love with places again and again and break my own heart by leaving. I guess then I'll know I am living.

So this is my legacy - my travel diaries.


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