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We're Kay and Donald from the beautiful Twin Lakes area in northern Arkansas. We retired relatively early to live and enjoy a full life. Upon retirement we developed our "bucket list", i.e. things we wanted to do before we kicked the bucket, based on something our dear friend, Ed, had done. As we travel mostly by RV these days (though by no means fulltimers), and enjoy photography and fly fishing on the road, our list includes hiking in Glacier National Park, being winter Texans, and RVing to Alaska, the Canadian maritime provinces, the northeastern US, New Mexico (including Roswell, where Kay was "born"), the Grand Canyon, and other national parks in the southwestern US. We've also planned a second honeymoon in Hawaii for our 10th anniversary in 2010. Along the way we plan to fish for steelhead in the Pacific Northwest, trout and salmon in Alaska, and brook trout in Labrador. Our goal is to visit every state in the USA, including Alaska and Hawaii, all the provinces in Canada, and spend some time in Mexico. Please join us as we travel the corridors of the world, and explore their beauty and people.

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