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Dale & Dee's Cross Country Motorcycle Trip

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As many of you know, Denise and I are taking a once in a lifetime trip this summer. Several things happened that allowed this to come together on short notice.

First, 3M is requiring me to use up all of my accrued vacation this year. 15 weeks in all...go figure! Second, Denise's head nurse, Bonnie, approved a leave of absence so she could be away from work at Maine Medical Center for 2 months. Thanks Bonnie and Stuart for understanding that this trip really means a lot to us! Third, Kelley graduated from UMO on May 9th, and with the economy being what it is, needs a place to stay for a while. That means she'll be able to house sit for us and take care of Lucky and Cedar!

Chris is in Tech School at Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, Texas and we'll be catching up with him along the way. He and Anne got married on May 21st in Texas and they'll be going to Lakenheath AFB, England for 3 years starting this fall (Update: Chris's duty station was changed to Seymour Johnson AFB in North Carolina...GREAT...we'll get to see them more often!). We'll be celebrating their marriage when Chris is able to come home on leave. Congratulations Chris and Anne! We love you guys!

Also, Denise and I are celebrating our 25th Anniversary on July 13th...about halfway through our trip. We'll be carrying new wedding bands with us on the bikes and we'll celebrate with something special along the way.

Anyway...we feel very fortunate that everything has come together for this trip which we've talked about for years. We'll be traveling in memory of Denise's sister Louise who did a similar trip (no motorcycles) with Mike back in the early 80's. It was the trip of a lifetime for them and we always hoped that someday we could do a similar trip. Our thoughts will also be with my Mom and our other family members whose lives have been touched by cancer in the past several years.

We will be donating $.10 for every mile we travel during the trip to the Lance Armstrong Foundation to support cancer research.

If you would like to make a "per mile" pledge (we expect to travel between 8,000 & 12,000 miles), leave us a MESSAGE on this site and we'll get in touch with you when we get back. We'll take any money raised and donate it to LAF in Louise's name.

Otherwise, if you would like to make a direct donation to LAF in Louise Paradis' name or in memory of someone else, click on this LINK.

We plan to leave on June 11th and expect to be back by the 15th of August. We're going to miss all of you and thought this might be a great way to stay connected.

The Red dot on the map below indicates where we are currently. You can also click on the dates to the right of the map to read our journal entries. Please leave an entry in our Guestbook or leave us Messages as we go.

Hope you enjoy the ride...

"If you come to a fork in the road, take it" - Yogi Berra

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Day 38 - Packwood to...
Day 39 - St. Regis to...
Day 40 - West...
Day 41 - Cody to...
Day 42 - Gillette to...
Day 43 - Sturgis to...
Day 44 - Fairmont to...
Day 45 - Green Bay to...
Day 46 - Sault Ste....
Day 47 - Pembroke, ON...
Day 48 - Fort Kent, ME...
Fort Kent, ME (Miranda)
Fort Kent, ME (Chris)
Fort Kent to Saco, ME
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