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Welcome to our travel website! We hope to keep friends and family posted on our travels in the motorhome over the next few years. We will have a separate Trip Journal for each year and the links are provided on the right side of this page.

 Map:  Canada and USA without Hawaii 
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Traveling in North Carolina, United States
2020 A Summer Place in North Carolina 

 Trip Journals 
2020 A Summer Place in North Carolina
2019 North Carolina Mountains Again
2018 Prescott, AZ Area
2017 North Carolina Mountains
2016 Back to the Pacific Northwest
2015 Montana, Calgary Stampede, Icefield Parkway
2014 Midwest USA Redux
2013 USA Pacific Northwest
2012 Eastern United States
2011 Southwestern USA
2010 New England and Atlantic Canada
2009 Alaska
2008 Midwest USA

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