We're finally going round the world! travel blog

We're finally going round the world!

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Hi! Guess where we are??

Originally we were only going to spend six months in South America but we ended up staying nearly 10!! We made it (finally) to New Zealand working on farms from the North to the South Island being awed by NZ's dramatic beauty, almost cried when we left paradise Fiji, visited a friend a Sydney, fought our way through Indonesia (keeping a close eye on those naughty looking Komodo Dragons), sprinted around Singapore's open concept zoo, marvelled at Malaysia's cultural mix, steamy jungles and gorgeous islands, tasted Thailand with its stunning limestone cliffs, honeymoon beaches & culinary delights, we did some very good lazing in Laos with its amazing beauty, cruised through Cambodia being awed by its magnificient temples, went back to Bangkok, got delayed in luxury Bahrain and now back home in London.

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Our fourth farm in...
Kaikoura road trip
Making our way back to...
Goodbye NZ, hello Fiji!
Paradise Fiji
Attractive Sydney
We made it to Bali!!
Senggigi, Lombok
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