JZ's Africa Expedition 2009 travel blog

JZ's Africa Expedition 2009

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Welcome to my trip journal, or should I say Welcome Back!! No, I am not trekking around the world this time as my current job will not allow it, but I will be trekking through East Africa for two weeks and ending with a relaxing visit to the Mauritius Islands!! It will be new adventures, new people AND animals with many new stories...it'll be lions, chimps, and Mountain Gorillas oh my!! And, many more children as I will do a volunteer stint in a Ugandan pre-school...hopefully no more "Papas" encounters either! Oh also, because the roads throughout the countryside of Uganda and Rwanda are to a bit to be desired I will be certain to take my cousin Jim & Toni's care package...a great sport bra!!

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The numbered squares connected by green lines show where I have been and correspond to the numbers just to the left of the dated entries. Click on any date to view the pictures and read about that day's adventures.

Also, watch my itinerary in the itinerary tab to see what I am planning to do and where I plan to do it.

The countdown begins...the eagle launches on November 6th! I hope to keep you amused!!

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Brussels Connection
Arrival Into Kigali,...
Kigali, Rwanda to...
Ruhengeri, Rwanda -
Ruhengeri, Rwanda -...
Ruhengeri, Rwanda -...
Heading to Queen...
Queen Elizabeth,...
Driving to Lake Mburo,...
Driving to Jinja, Uganda
Jinja, Uganda - Soft...
Jinja, Uganda - Soft...
Jinja, Uganda - Soft...
Jinja, Uganda
Entebbe, Uganda
Arrival into Mauritius
Mauritius - Day of...
Mauritius - Island Tour
Mauritius - Day of Drama
Mauritius - Day at Sea
Mauritius - Lion Walk
Mauritius - Day of...
Leaving Mauritius;...
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