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Angela's Cancun Escape 2011

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Happy and safe holidays to everyone!!

Welcome to my 2011 trip journal. I invite you all to join me on my Cancun/Cozumel adventure. This year my escape won't be as long or as intense as my previous escapes because I am in parenting mode again, I brought my teen daughter back home after living with her dad for 3 years in a different state. Though she is being supervised while I am away, I decided that I shouldn't be away for too long or go too far. That's ok,...I still intend on having a "grand" time as I usually do. Most times I would explore on my own, but because there are some unfavorable reports about Mexico, all of my tours will be guided ones. I have no intention of straying too far alone. I may be adventurous, but I am also cautious and aware. On a different note, Australia and South America are still on my list. For a matter of fact, those are the only 2 continents that I have left to visit in order to say that I have been on every continent that I want to visit. Antartica doesn't count...who in their right mind wants to go there...?

For those of you who have followed me on my previous journeys and have not noticed,...the theme of my trips is to see at least one "wonder of the world" per trip. I chose Cancun this year because it's close to home, I didn't have to cross the int'l dateline, AND...the Mayan ruins were recently named as one of the current "wonders of the world". Though I enjoy physically traveling solo,...I also enjoy, and appreciate all of you who mentally travel with me as well. For those of you who regularly send one up for my safe return home,..please continue to do so. God bless and I am looking forward to traveling with you all. Check back regularly for entries and pics. Enjoy.

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