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The Blues Trail & More - Mississppi

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Welcome to my trip journal!

What do you do when you don't have a passport?

No. Homeland Security did not confiscate it and grill me on my many odd itineraries. May have to work a bit harder on that.

Actually, I just used up my extended (48 page) version over the past 6 years and had to send off for another - 52 pages this time. Until it gets back I'm limited to the 50 states.

Which one? Mississippi. Obviously? Home to two of my favorite things - blues and barbeque. Not as much journal as usual but photos and links to some great sites.

Here I go again.

The Geezer -

AKA The Beach Dude (I am evolving!)

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The Mississippi Blues...
Doe's Eat Place, Kermit, &...
The Road to Natchez
Natchez - Plantation City
More Plantations and...
The Gulf Coast to Destin
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