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Dave & Marilyn Binkley's Travel Homepage

Welcome to the homepage of our travel website! We hope you'll join us on our adventures! Send us messages on our guestbook!

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Traveling in Brazil
Brazilian "Safari" 

 Trip Journals 
Brazilian "Safari"
Chena Hot Springs, Alaska (winter)
Binkley's 2013 Australia/New Zealand trip
Australia & New Zealand 2011
Dave, Marilyn & Niña's birding trip to Costa Rica
Binkley/Crosby's to Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda
Dave & Marilyn's Beijing Olympics 08 Adventure
Ride the Rockies 2008
Arizona/California 2008 with Dave & Marilyn
Alaska Adventure 2007
Spring in Texas 2007
Peru and Ecuador 2006
Arizona 2006 with the Binkley's

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