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Bill and Helen's Fulltime Travels

Welcome to our travel website!

We started this journal way back in July 2005 when we sold our home in Coon Rapids, Minnesota and started traveling full time in our 2005 Montana 39' 5th wheel pulled by our brand new 2005 Ford 350 Diesel truck that matched the beautiful red sunset of the graphics on our Tana...

On March 28, 2009 we took delivery of our new Montana Big Sky 340RL It is about a foot longer then our other Tana and the grapics do not match our truck but it sure is a beautiful unit.

For a long time, we just had one journal but it is getting hard to see the maps since we have crossed the same places so many times so we are adding journal's.

The first one that we always called "Our Journey" will be renamed "The Beginning" and as we add new journeys we will name them as we go along... "Newfoundland" was added in June 2008 and is the story of when we left Minnesota and returned some 90 days later. We took tons of pictures to share with you of that awesome trip.

We are now continuing with our travels in the USA.

It promises to be a fun trip and I hope you join us.. You can toggle back and forth between the journals at this home page...

We really do love to hear from you so just click on the leave message so we know how you like us.

 Map:  Canada and USA without Hawaii 
Map Canada and USA without Hawaii
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Traveling in Georgia, United States
Bill and Helen/ 2011 

 Trip Journals 
Bill and Helen/ 2011
Here we go again and again
The Beginning

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