On the Road Again in 2006 travel blog

On the Road Again in 2006

John and Jacqi travel blog
Welcome to our website! John and I are off on another grand adventure. We thought this was such a great way for our friends and family to follow along with us on our 2006 summer trip. We also thought it was a good idea for someone to know where we are as there are many mornings that we don't know the time, date or state of mind we are in. But we are having a terrific time and enjoying seeing new sights and re-visiting old favorites.

Once again we are joined on our journey by our good friends Toni and George Boomer. This will be our third trip with them and we are having the BEST time! The boys like to spend their days playing cards and visiting their money at the various casinos while Toni and I continue on our quest to visit every TJMxx/Homegoods in the US.

So pull up your chair and join us....Kathye, you and Simon put your feet up and stay a spell!

See you in October!

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