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Bates Family South Seas Sabbatical

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Welcome to our website!
The waiting is over. We have finally gone! The most overhyped, over-organised trip is finally underway. If you were bored of hearing about it before we left, follow our progress at your leisure from the comfort of your own computer. You can contact us too, through this website. Please write; we are missing you and want to hear from you.

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We've arrived in NZ
Lions tickets confirmed...
Very Fast entry in Rotorua...
Cambridge and the mystery...
They Lost!
Pig's Birthday in Waitomo
Jun 15/05
Just updating map
Back in cyber contact...
Weekend campsites
Ok, you are having a...
Whale-watching and other...
Kaikoura walking
Looks like snow
Passing through Christchurch
Our Children are out without...
Tonga- we got there!
Kayaking- not as predicted...
There won't be any...
Diving and bad news from home
Escaped from luxury prison...
Unfinished business and...
Fiji safely!
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