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Anthony's Interesting Times 2004

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Hi folks, and hopefully welcome to my travelling web-site. I know I go on a bit, but I don't get to talk to people as often as I need to (at least meaningfuly), and this is also a journal for me to help me remember my trip, so please just skip the text and look at the pics if you like. And please don't ring my mobile as I can't pick up messages, only texts, and not even those in Nepal!

There will be updates whenever I can get people to understand my Mandarin, me to understand Chinese software, find keyboards that haven't got all the letters faded away (as most do), and sufficient bandwidth to upload my pics. I will also rewrite earlier bits occasionally. I won't notify updates every time I do one, as this would be tedious for people, so just have a look when you feel like it.

The Chinese have a curse, may you live in Interesting Times, and the last few months have been very 'Interesting'. Life has changed a lot, and it will also be interesting to see what effect this trip has! From a highly paid and responsible job and trusted relationship with a bright future and babies, neither of those. More 'freedom' in one go than you can shake a stick at. Thank god for the kids I already have. However, life is too short for lamenting, so off I go to try and do more of those things I must do before I die.

On Sep 4th I fly one-way to Beijing - Peking to those of you who haven't caught up yet, home of the yummy ducks and dogs. As for my aims, I doubt I have the time, money or, frankly, the fortitude, to do some serious Kung-Fu training at the Shaolin Temple, but I will take pictures of other people punching the bark off trees while I am there. But Lhasa and Everest are absolute musts, I will get there one way or another, and hopefully have some fun and interesting experiences on the way, and I hope you do too!

[But one thing I have learnt after a month: South-West China (near Hong Kong) is much easier, and you could probably do this (and Tibet) without any Mandarin. Just about.]

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