A&E on the World Heritage Train East 2009 travel blog

A&E on the World Heritage Train East 2009

Anthony and Erica in Japan travel blog
Konnichiwa! Off we go again! Another busy year, and it seems ages since our trip to Sri Lanka in the Winter (no blog yet). I have always had a love of Japanese art, architecture and countryside, and when I was leaving school I had this plan to travel around Japan. It never did happen, but finally it is! I'm flying via South Korea, and stopping off there for a while before and after Japan. My timings don't allow for North Korea, so that'll have to wait for another time, but I'll look around South Korea and maybe even find out just how good these guys are at Tae Kwon-Do, though I have a suspicion they might kick my ass. Then I fly into Tokyo and have a week or so testing my language skills up north before meeting Erica in Kyoto. Then a few weeks together of temples, walking and strange food in Central and Western Honshu before Erica flies back to Blighty. Then I'll do whatever else we didn't have time to. If I can keep work at bay long enough I might go to China and Mongolia first, but otherwise its back to South Korea for some more temples, walking, Tae Kwon-Do, strange food and foreign languages before I too go back home and get back in those prisons. Can't wait! (for the trip bit, not the return!) And if you want to avoid that work you know you should be doing, there's some nice pics from some of my other trips in the links to the right.

Anyo hesiyo! Seven weeks into the trip and I'm on my own again. I've spent about two weeks in South Korea and five weeks in Japan, three of those with Erica. Japan was fab: culture, colour, cost (!), cleanliness, courtesy, and great public transport (can't think of a c word for that). South Korea is a real gem, with a lot of what Japan has, but cheaper, rougher round the edges, lot spicier food, and less formal and more fun, though I never did do the TKD thing here. Culturally they are very different places. And in a few days I am off to Taiwan for a fortnight, which should be different again!

Ni Hao! Eleven weeks away now and time is running out fast. Hello and thank you are the only Mandarin I could remember from China, and I have got all over Taiwan in the last two weeks with that! Taiwan is a lovely little island, especially good for outdoor types like me. A bit prone to natural disasters of all kinds, but the loveliest people and some great scenery and colourful and atmospheric temples, and the most relaxed of the three countries this trip.

And hello. I've been back some two weeks now after my 11 weeks away, and finally managed to sort my photos out a bit and revise my blog entries. I have added and changed a number of photos, and made some minor changes and additions to the text, as well as add some of Erica's video footage of Japan. To save trawling through the whole lot for the more exciting pictures I have also added four 'Best ofs...' (also to be found on my Facebook site along with numerous other 'Best ofs' from around the world). In terms of this blog, the page entries are: for the Best of Japan: 44, the Best of Korea is 54, the Best of Taiwan is 66, and finally the Best of the Far East 2009 (the whole trip) is 67. I hope you got some pleasure and interest from my blog, I certainly did from the Trip!

What next? Other than hopefully a short European break, next is currently planned to be roaming around India, back there again after 20 years and swearing I would never return. I can't wait!

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