40 Day Mexico Copper Canyon Jan 2010 travel blog

40 Day Mexico Copper Canyon Jan 2010

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Hello everyone. I’ve started a new travelogue that will help you follow us on our next adventure. For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, we’re Tailgunners on the Fantasy Ultimate Copper Canyon & Baja Tour. That tour lasts 40 day and departs from Amado, AZ Jan 17th It travels south along the west coast of Mexico with stops in San Carlos, Los Mochis (6 day to travel the Copper Canyon), Mazatlan for 5 days, then across the Sea of Cortez on the ferry to the beach at La Paz, South Baja. After a couple of days sunning there we RV down to Cabo for several days before heading back up the Baja and eventually crossing over to Guerrero Negro to touch the Gray Whale’s. We finally end up in the San Diego area at the end of February. Someone has to do it.
Reminiscing a little. We did ok in Casa Grande, selling a couple of Alaska tours and a couple of Rose Parade Rallies. When we get back we may have others that we’re working. Casa Grande will be our next stop when we come out of Mexico as we plan to do more sales in March and maybe into April before heading west into California. I hope to visit friend as we work our way up the coast to Washington and get ready for a summer in Alaska.
Keep following this site for the latest location and happenings of Ken & Martha.

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Left our Home in Casa...
A night in Tucson AZ
Amado AZ
San Carlos Mexico
Alamos, Mexico
Los Mochis Mexico
Creel Mexico
Los Mochis Mexico
Mazatlan Mexico
La Paz, Baja Mexico
Cabo San Lucas Baja
Los Barilles Baja
CD Constitucion Baja
Tripui Baja
Guerrero Negro - Whale...
Vicente Guerrero Baja...
Ensenada Baja
Santee CA
Yuma AZ
Somewhere near Casa Grande
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