2019 Travels May thru December travel blog

2019 Travels May thru December

Welcome to the continuation of our 2019 Trip Journal! This should prove to be a very busy traveling year and you are very welcome to come along. We are carrying four large suitcases at 50 pounds each and two backpacks at about 20 pounds. Why? It's a SEVEN month trip hitting ALL the seasons. Heaven forbid if we wear a summer item in the fall, yeah? At least, that's what I've been told.

We start the trip with trying to get from Hawaii to Travis AFB, California somehow. At Travis we visit friends and relatives and put three of our suitcases in storage. We're flying to D.C. for a week to observe "Rolling Thunder", a one million plus motorcycle parade through D.C. and other activities and we hope to visit with some friends. We return to Sacramento a week later for two days to visit with friends and pick up a rental truck. We drive to Travis to empty out the storage unit and then continue on to Las Vegas where we'll rent another storage unit and have some relaxing time. In mid June we fly to Portland, OR for a reunion with some military friends from Korea, class of 87-88. We'll then spend a couple of weeks in Washington state visiting friends. Back to Portland in July to catch a flight to Salt Lake City. Borrowing a car from a nephew to drive to Idaho to visit a couple of Mormon Temples previously missed and then back to SLC to catch a flight to Texas in mid July.

One grandson is getting married near Houston in July, granddaughter near Austin in October and a second grandson getting married in Georgia in December. Instead of flying back to Hawaii after each event I decided to drive around 5,000 miles from Houston to upstate New York to Canada back to Houston, visiting numerous temples along the way to visiting friends, relatives and "sights" thereby I am calling this part of the 2019 travels "The Temple Run".

While we are fulfilling our dreams of visiting all the fantastic sites in our beautiful country and other countries, we wanted to keep in touch with all our relatives and friends. Thanks to technology, this is the medium we'll use. We hope you all enjoy seeing where we have been and what we did.

NOTE #1: Due to numerous requests, we have updated this site with our prior trips around the Pacific. Just click on the drop-down menu to the right and pick the year you'd like to view. Hope you enjoy.

NOTE #2: Some have asked "Do I have to click on each photo to see it?" The answer is "No". Click on the first photo -- on the bottom of the photo you'll see the display "slide show: 5 sec. 10 sec". Click on either and a slide show will begin with the photos spaced out with the number of seconds you chose. Easy, huh? Have fun!

Note #3: Our map was getting pretty crowded and "messy" so we have divided the Journal into years or sections of a year. On the top right side of this "Home Page", above "Leave A Message", there is a drop-down menu. If you would like to see some of our old adventures, just click on the year.

CURRENT TOTALS: States Visited = 50 Countries Visited = 77

FOREIGN MONEY USED: Euros, Egyptian Pound, English Pound, Scottish Pound, Turkish Lira, Danish Kroner, Russian Ruble, Swizz Kroner, Mexican Peso, Canadian Dollar, East Caribbean Dollar, Barbados Dollars, Antillean Florin/Guilder, Japanese Yen, Korean Won, Taiwan New Taiwanese Dollar(NT), Chinese Yuan (RMB), Hong Kong Dollar (HKD),Australian Dollar (AUD), New Zealand Dollar (NZD),Moroccan Dirham, Philippine Peso, Singapore Dollar (SGD),Malaysian Ringgit (RM), Vietnamese Dong (VND), Thai Baht (THB),Argentine peso (ARS), Uruguayan Peso (UYU), Falkland Pound (FKP), Chilean peso (CLP), Peruvian nuevo sol (PEN), Costa Rican Colon (CRC), Colombian peso (COP), Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC)

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Barksdale AFB, Louisiana
Ricky & Rachel's Wedding
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Cancun, Mexico
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Katy, Texas (Map Holder)
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Travis AFB, CA...
Katy, Tx - Columbus,...
Dec 15/19
Honolulu, Hawaii...
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