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2015 Christmas

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As 2015 comes to an end, we are spending the holidays in our sticks and bricks home with Winnie parked in the driveway. It's been an eventful year and we're glad we were able to share some of it with you in our travel journals. We reached a travel milestone in September when we passed 100,000 miles traveled in Winnie since 2008. Winnie has just over 161,000 miles on the odometer. In 2015 we visited 21 states and drove 12,939 miles using 1,787 gallons of gas. The average price paid was $2.26. It was a good year to travel as gas prices fell most of the year.
We spent part of the winter in Florida (not enough for me). After a short stint at home waiting for the arrival of Ryleigh Alexis, our first granddaughter, we headed south again and spent most of the summer in Texas and Louisiana, not the ideal time to be in that part of the country. While in the south, we managed to experience about every type of weather you could think of with the exception of snow. Rain and floods, heat and humidity, tornadoes, and the crowning event was Tropical Storm Bill that hit us while we were staying along the Texas Gulf coast. We learned if you are on the Gulf Coast and there are tropical storm warning, it's best to head inland if you are in the path of the storm. With all of that, I'd still like to go back to Texas albeit in the spring. The final trip of the year took us to West Virginia and Georgia for photography and Tennessee for the 87th Infantry Division Legacy Association annual Reunion and Educational Forum in Nashville.
I'll be adding some post between now and the end of the year to catch up on what we've been doing at home. Before this gets to be one of those Holiday brag letters, I'm going to end and wish every one a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Stay tuned for more adventures with Winnie, Vince, and Sue in 2016.

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