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2008 Keys 2 Canada

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Every good thing comes to an end, and so it is with our trip to Canada and the Maritime Provinces. Since leaving Florida in March we have traveled over 15,000 miles, 800 of that by sea on a variety of ferries.

We have gone from America's southern most point in Key West, Florida to the northern end of the road in Labrador. We've walked the windswept beaches of Okracoke Island, and the crowded avenues of Manhattan Island. We've stood on the highest point east of the Mississippi, and at the eastern most point on the North American continent.

We've stood at the graveside of John Brown, and we've stood on the Montgomery street corner where Rosa Parks said, "No!" to Jim Crow. We've dipped our hands in the water of Maya Lin's Civil Rights Memorial, and of all the experiences we've had in three years of travel, nothing equals those three moments.

We've spent time with family and with some dear old friends, and we've made a few new friends along the way. We are different people than we were in March, and we are infinitely better for the experience.

To those of you who traveled with us, we thank you. You can never know what your interest and support have meant. We sincerely invite you to join us on next year's trip, and we'll let you know when we start it in March. Until then we wish you the very best that life can bring. May God bless and keep you until we hit the road again next spring.

Love to all,
Madolyn and Dimitri
PS. if you're interested in details you can click anywhere on the green route on the map below.

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