150DAYS travel blog


150DAYS travel blog
So here we go.

I don't expect anyone to read this, other than possibly the folks and my gran. In my experience grannies of all shapes and sizes always provide unqualified support to their grandchildren, no matter how undeserved, and my Oumi is no different.

Even if i think only one or two people are vaguely interested it will still be some motivation to record my travels for posterity.

Mum is, at this point, doing flick-flacks of joy in the knowledge that hurricane Sean has finally left the nest (27 is a ripe age, I'll admit, but home is where the heart is).

Dad I borrowed 'Eats, shoots & leaves' - all apostrophes will hopefully be safely deposited in the correct spot. I promise to try.

Keith & Thys, I also promise to try and not use big words that i don't know the meaning of, in the wrong context.

Oh yes, and Davy Lange it's unfortunate I couldn't say cheers in the new year. I was really looking forward to hearing about your new Thailand fire dancing hobby!

Why 150? No, it's not Wiggles's last golf score (although fairly close). It's pretty self explanatory really - its actually the number of days, in what may be my first instalment, of many adventures this year. I thought about using some brilliant latitudinal/longitudinal reference as a blog name but the Goldsworthys had cornered that market already.

In the end there is a fairly good reason i chose some reference to time. I'm looking forward to actually starting a career of some sort before i'm 30 so this period in my life is a very finite one. So, by gosh, I intend to make the most of this adventure.

In my mind, time converts into little moments and memories, with periods of dial-tone in between. It is impossible to manufacture those moments where suddenly you are filled with an indescribable joy and contentment, and everything in that string of seconds is, well, great.

There are many triggers which bring this alignment of the stars, be it an incredible view, that pause after and an ab-crunching laugh with mates, or a special achievement against all odds.

The greedy gnome in me wishes he could turn that feeling on like a garden tap, on the top of every mountain pass, or over every cold beer with friends. However it does not work that way. All I can so is make sure that in all 150 days I do as much as possible to get the 'moment' factory in full production, failing which mind altering substances are always an option (a joke mum).

For much of my trip i will be joined by my close friend Robert 'ferret' Macfarlane. Rob is a psychologist and writes reports on crazy people for a living, so I'm sure he'll have little difficulty in providing some gems while travelling with yours truly.

Let the adventure begin

enjoy. much love

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